Advantage by using our replacement parts

  • Competitive prices.

  • Short standard delivery time of 3 weeks.

  • During shut downs, parts avaiable within 3 days.
  • Flexible in choice of materials.

  • Modifying parts in order to extend life time.

  • Quality that meets or exceeds the quality of O.E.M. parts.

  • Supply of obsolete parts or parts for O.E.M. which does not exsists anymore.

Due to a long lasting experience in control valves and flexibility in choice of materials, we are capable to modify valve internals in order to solve problems.
Problems such as cavitation exsesive wear and tear, CV values which are too large or too small etc.

The short delivery time enables the customer to save money in stock keeping.
The stock can be devided into 3 catagories

A: Parts barerly used, which can accept our short delivery time.

B: Parts used for shut downs can be ordered in time.

C: Parts which are crucial to the production process and needed to be avaiable at all times.

When we check customer's stocklists we often discover that the same part is on stock under differrent stock numbers.
We share this information and the first savings are effective.